Our Notes: APD Press Conference, 3 Charged in Virginia-Highland Murder

by D Stephens on December 22, 2010

Tamario Wise, 18, one of three suspects charged with murdering Charles Boyer in Virginia-Highland.

At a press conference today, Atlanta police said three men are in custody and charged with murder in the Nov. 22 shooting death of Charles Boyer in Virginia-Highland.

Here are our notes:

  • Police said there are 6 people allegedly involved in for a wide range of crimes. For the Boyer case specifically, 3 suspects are in custody and charged.
  • Police said they have not determined these crimes to be gang related. But they haven’t ruled that out either.
  • Police said these crimes committed by a loose group of people who could be involved in 20 or so incidents. They have “some association with one and other.”
  • The first incident happened Aug 18 and went up to time of Mr. Wise’s incarceration Nov 27.
  • Police said suspects ages are 18 to early 20′s.
  • Tamario Wise, age 18, was described by police as possibly the ring leader. “Every day he would go to the labor pool for criminals to commit these crimes with him.”
  • Police said that after Mr. Wise’s arrest, things started coming together.
  • Police said Mr. Wise is being charged with murder and 3 counts of armed robbery (Boyer case. Taxi cab driver case. And a still to be announced case, pending line ups.) As are the others.
  • For all the incidents, police said there are a total of 5 suspects in custody, with one other outstanding arrest warrant, according to police.
  • Police aren’t yet going to say who pulled the trigger in the Boyer case.
  • Regarding rumors that Wise had cut off an angle monitor and rumors that he attacked a visitor from Orlando: Police could not confirm either of those at this time.

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